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Alpacas on the Farm

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Fun Facts

  • Alpaca fiber, which is often called alpaca wool by mistake, is extremely warm!
  • Strands of alpaca fiber examined by a microscope reveal tiny air pockets throughout the alpaca fiber. These air pockets are what make alpaca fiber such a great insulator, making clothing made from alpaca fiber warm and very light weight.
  • There are no naturally occurring oils, grease, or lanolin in alpaca fiber, so there is no worry about a garment made from alpaca fiber having a foul odor that would need to be masked.
  • Alpaca fiber is stronger than the more commonly worn Merino wool; therefore it is also more abrasion resistant.
  • Alpaca fiber is extremely durable. It can be blended and dyed any color without losing its natural sheen.
  • It is compatible with woolen or worsted systems, so a garment does not necessarily have to be made entirely of alpaca fiber. Plus, since the fibers are so strong, they are water resistant and can withstand solar radiation.

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Why Alpacas?

Legacy Alpaca Farm

Animals make a difference. We have all known or heard stories of how animals change or impact humans lives. There are rescue dogs trained for this and there are dogs who have rescued simply because they did. There are dogs who have been used to sniff out cancers and sicknesses. Animals are used for therapy in adult homes, children's programmes, etc. There are seeing eye dogs and companion animals. Animals bring joy to families. They are also raised to feed us and provide eggs, milk products, meat etc.

We want to make a difference. Plain and simple. And we are using alpacas to do it. Legacy Alpaca Farm started because our lives intersect with people everyday who have needs...and need life change. Terrill always knew her life would involve animals, not just as pets but to impart change and give hope for others. Seeing a tiny ad about alpacas in 1996 she knew life would somehow involve the beautiful alpaca, just not yet. In 2005, after occasionally delving into alpaca info for 9 years, alpacas and really investigating the possibility of raising them came full force and we purchased our first 4 females in 2006.

Legacy Alpaca Farm became a reality. Terrill's mom always encouraged her to go after what she loved and to love what she did. To have dreams and pursue them...and to not quit. There have been so many people who have made an impact in our lives, helped us make changes, enabled us to pursue our passions and made a difference. We have met and read about others who have pursued their passions and radically impacted lives. Many have changed lives, even without knowing it, by how they live, words spoken, in deed and love. Raising two girls and being involved in peoples lives on a daily basis....we want to do the same.... to make a impart change, hope, and life. To leave a legacy as so many who have gone before.

So, Legacy Alpaca Farm is now operating in Loganville, GA. We raise, breed, and sell alpacas. We utilize all the alpaca fiber through yarn, products, and for bird nests and compost. We use and sell the alpaca waste for compost. All profit is then donated to a few groups we know and trust who are working in areas to help stop sex trafficking (especially of minors) and a community development project in Mexico. See links for additional information if interested or want to get involved too.

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Upcoming Events

  • Camelidynamics Clinic comes to Loganville, GA
    Legacy Alpaca Farm will be hosting Marty McGee Bennett and Camelidynamics
    March 23-24, 2013
    Time: 9:00-4:30
    More Details
  • Tri-loom Workshop with Roo Kline
    Loganville, GA
    Winter 2013
  • Camelidynamics Workshop Marty McGee Bennett
    Loganville, GA
    Winter 2013
  • Royal Alpaca Challenge
    Conyers, GA
    3-4 November 2012
    Royal Alpaca Challenge
  • For more information please contact Terrill: 443-876-7246


Heat Stress Tips

Top 10 things to do to prevent heat stress

Ohio State University – Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Dr. David Anderson, "here are the TOP TEN things to do to prevent heat stress in your alpacs this summer. The list is not all inclusive, but these are some of the most important things you need to do to protect your alpacas from serious overheating!"... Read More

The Suri Selection Tool

Understanding the term "pure suri"

Alpaca Journal – Thursday, 07 June 2007


The term "pure suri" is misunderstood. There are a number of ways to define a pure suri. The Suri Network breed standards as adopted, define a pure suri as the phenotypic product of mating a suri male with a suri female. The zoological definition of a pure breed is: A population of a species that have distinct characteristics that differentiate them from other populations in that species. Individuals within that population that reproduce with another individual of the population will produce offspring that are recognizable as members of that population... Read More

How to Get Started

Useful tips on where to begin


The key to getting started is information gathering. Another great way to learn about the joy of owning alpacas is to visit the farms of people who are already in the business. Alpaca breeders are friendly folks and they enjoy sharing their alpacas with the public... Read More

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